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The Sizzler

Take a seat, get buckled up and hold on tight!!  If you’ve got the need for speed then check out the Sizzler. You’ll spin round and round and from side to side, this ride is sure to make you scream! 


The Stunt Jump

Go ahead and take the jump.  Get your adrenaline pumping and free-fall through the air like a Hollywood stuntman before landing on a cushion of air.  Jump from 6m or 3m.


Adrenaline Rush 2

Squeeze, climb, bounce and slide your way through this mammoth inflatable obstacle course.  Can be taken at your own pace so suitable for all.


Teacup and Saucers

Let our bright and colourful cup & saucers spin you around, backwards and forwards - an enjoyable ride for all participants.  Suitable for all.


Swinging Pirate Ship

Ahoy there me hearties, this colourful Pirate Ship will swing you back and forth.  Feel the anticipation as the ship gets higher and higher each swing.  Suitable for all.


Super slide

Scream with joy as you whizz down the Super Slide, a super huge slide with gentle bumps for extra excitement.  Suitable for all.  Younger children may prefer to go down the side with a grown-up.


- On the day -

$5 each




Family Discounts Available

$30 each



- On the day -

$35 each
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